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I completed my physiotherapy degree in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2017.

I chose this profession as the human body has always been a passion of mine. I did ballet for 23 years and have always been inquisitive into how the body works and – more importantly – how to keep it happy.

During and after my graduation I worked as a sports physiotherapist. Through my work as a sports physiotherapist I gained invaluable experience, treating injuries and strains of the body structures common in athletes from rugby, soccer, swimming, rowing , baseball and body building. In addition to this I also had the privilege to work under one of the Netherlands leading shoulder physiotherapists Michael Davidson.  During this work I gained a deep understanding of neck and shoulder conditions, no matter what lifestyle is adopted.

This inspired me to start a mobile massage and physiotherapy practice, aimed at companies who demand long inactive hours in front of the computer, heavy duty work such as working in film, or individuals who need some treatment because of the stresses of daily life. Through this work I massage, treated and educated company employees and individuals suffering mainly from neck, shoulder and back injuries.

Through all my experience I have a well rounded understanding of the musculoskeletal system of the body and can help treat injures, stress and general discomfort in the body.

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