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I completed my two year diploma in Sport and Therapeutic Massage Therapy through the Cape Institute for Allied Health Studies in 2004. After travelling for a few years, I joined the practice at Sport Science Physiotherapy Centre at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa where I gained insight to the treatment of sports injuries, rehabilitation and the importance of a holistic health network.

I headed into private practice in 2010 and my practice extended from sports related pain and injury to chronic or recurring pain. I developed an interest in the long term effects this can have on the body and the emotional well-being of a person. 

The body is an intricate and complex design which has an amazing ability to compensate for pain, but this compensation takes a lot of energy for the body to hold and can result in further pain, stress and strain on one’s emotional well-being.

Where one feels pain is not always the source, but rather a symptom, and I appreciate massage therapy as the body is viewed as a whole and is treated as such.

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