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Therapeutic massage therapy is gradually being recognised as an essential part of overall health care as well as a hands-on approach to musculoskeletal injury.

Massage can help treat a range of musculoskeletal issues that range from injury, stress related muscle pain or over used and fatigued muscle. Ultimately, we need to address the cause of the pain and sometimes this is simply caused by tension that can be released in one session. If the pain is the result of a dysfunctional movement pattern and compensation, then treatment can take longer as we restore the body back to factory settings.

My therapy also includes sports massage, treating injuries and post operative care. Understanding the body’s mechanics and compensation patterns is vital to keep you injury-free and to restore correct muscular alignment and movement.

My clients include a wide range of individuals, from those that are needing a bit of time-out in their day, to those that are on a vigorous training program or those who have woken up with a stiff neck.

I view massage as a holistic therapy and whilst my primary concern is to address physical pain and muscular tension – particularly with injuries and sports people – we also need to give attention to ongoing stress, lifestyle challenges and health conditions that cause chronic pain.

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